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iPhones Cloud Hosting & Social Network – Imagine if Google Acquired Verizon, Yahoo, AOL, Time Warner, Comcast, Hum, Lyft and it was all part of the biggest picture… and SamSung too, all decided by the God named Android.

Maybe Google doesn’t have to acquire, because their actions are SUDO like an acquisition, merger, marriage, sleeping together, promoting each other, dominating each other and more.

iPhones creating Social Network & Cloud Service in Joint Venture

The owners of iPhones/ have made an internal announcement engaging with a Social Networking firm to create the next Social Network for all users of

The plan would be to provide Cloud Services, Real Time Streaming, Development of Applications, and Utilities to take some of the hidden features to the next level by empowering the user with more technological capabilities beyond what is currently being offered and utilized

Although such a service may legitimately confuse the overall Mobile Industry, the intention has been planted and the objective would be to properly disrupt the Social Networking industry by providing additional options that bring further awareness to the users of smart phones.

Social Networks are welcome to partner with iPhones on such objectives and can benefit greatly with the marketing and branding that iPhones will take advantage of in establishing and making the mark so users can trust that they can rely on, E-mail, Cloud, Applications, WAP, Hardware & Software configuration protocols.

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