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What happens if you pay taxes in one year and the next year, you have a business matter that has to do with some activity from the previous year and requires additional capital, but you don’t have it because you paid it in taxes, do you go to the IRS and ask them to re-issue the money back to you? How can it be that you earned that money and now you have to pay it to the IRS, but the following year, some thing happens that was as a result of something you did in the prior year, and now you need money to address it? And you cannot get it because you paid it in taxes, but you normally would’ve had it if you didn’t pay it in taxes and you would then be able to comfortably front the necessary funds to address the matter that surfaced after the prior year?

Why do you think the big corporations shelter their money offshore and protect it from tax liability, and then when they have some matter to deal with, they are able to get just the right amount from that offshore account, which would be used to spend on the matter that they have to deal with, and then there’s zero balance remaining, which is ZERO INCOME, and so no money left over to treat that is taxable….

Do you see the IRONY of what is being said here – I think once people figure out what’s going on, there’s going to be a MAJOR PROBLEM IN THEIR MINDS. – Sorry to break the news, but everyone’s been in some way, getting misguided by the people you think were suppose to be guiding you right….

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