Snap Dragon is a chipset with 3d fingerprinting technology designed for smart phones

Apparently, there are over a million smart phones with Snap Dragon, but is that enough to get the people to enjoy the demand.  iPhones thinks it will be a fearful direction for most consumers, but will consumers believe iPhones recommending Snap Dragon can actually be in the best interest for consumers?

Latest cnet news indicates Amazon has an app store with 400,000 apps for its own devices

What does this mean for other players in the marketplace.  New ones need to learn from Amazon.


Qualcomm launches SnapDragon – new concept

Latest concept that is designed to track more of you, is a technology being offered by Qualcomm, called SnapDragon.

iPhones is announcing a new smart phone with a special unique capability, the website, is featuring an announcement to let the world know that a new feature, located in Bill Gate’s home will make the industry catapult beyond Trillion Dollars in industry opportunity.  So, what is this new capability, is it holographic, is it floatable, is it featured as a new survival tool for monitoring humans, just watch Bill Gates and you’ll see what’s going on.  iPhones in Bill Gates home.