U.S. death rates from suicides, alcohol and drug overdoses reach all-time high


FBI Probing Why Some U.S. Tourists Have Died Mysteriously In The Dominican Republic (REFER: NPR NEWS)

Dude! Smoking-hot evidence found of earliest cannabis use 2,500 years ago (REPORTED: CNET NEWS.COM)

Huawei is reportedly chasing Verizon for $1B in patent licensing fees – Amid its clash with the United States government, the Chinese company says US-based Verizon should pay fees for more than 230 of its patents. (REPORTED: CNET NEWS.COM)

Jon Stewart gives speech to Congress regarding First Responders during 9-11

He installed a completely new Operating System on his CELL PHONE called SAILFISH!

Anyone can FORK an OpenSource Mobile O/S – Just Like Android and many other Operating Systems – If you can modify it and then call it something different, I don’t think that is possible because it’s still ANDROID.

Google wants to end The Huawei Ban – also what iPhones.com should do as described in the video!

What a successful man said to this guy said about Black people.

Helicopter makes crash landing on Rooftop of High Rise Building – Kills 1 Pilot – Monday 06/10/2019

London police arrest 5 teens in connection with homophobic attack on bus because the teens were challenging the women to kiss in front of them, which they didn’t, resulting in being attacked

Great Example to Learn: Amazing Jimmy Carter keeping busy, even after his hip surgery, he’s back at teaching Sunday School

High Winds can be dangerous for Cranes as a Crane collapses onto Dallas apartment building killing 1 person

Michigan Hotel offering free accomodations for those traveling for an Abortion.

Lady went in for Brain Tumor Surgery, but doctors found a Tape Worm instead