AliBaba example of a Commercial for Black Friday – Check it out

Paying attention to Global Technologies & Innovations will give you the ability to take advantage of an opportunity and gain grounds sooner so you’re ahead in a race, a race to gain grounds so you can also do what Charles Schwab is trying to do.

Could you imagine yourself in his shoes?

Gabriel Iglesias – Fluffy goes to India

The “iQuit” Campaign is making its way across the world with major corporations following the efforts to say “iQuit” to VAPING…

Foster says he bought the Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich from the All Aboard Cafe, which leases spaces from BART at the station.

Sleep Good – Put your phone down.

Watch this guy bring a DEAD mouse back to life.

It’s okay to be a HONKER in a Tesla!!!

It may actually be good to be a “Honker” in a Tesla, as the proposal for a recording feature was suggested by a fan of Tesla. Elon Musk will consider the suggestion of recording Dash Cam footage upon the driver’s Honker being pressed.

Billionaire Lucio Tan’s namesake son dies | ANC

Original ‘Marlboro Man’ Robert ‘Bob’ Norris has died

Kaiser Permanente CEO Bernard Tyson, an advocate for racial justice and workplace diversity, dies at 60 – news reports

Denny’s making a major comeback PLUS their menu now is up to current times, incorporating Social Media aspects including Smart Phones & Selfies – WOW DENNY’S, what a turnaround!!! – reports