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Understanding “The Matrix” and what went behind the making.

Who did Jesus pray to if he is God?

What a film – What is done for cheese.

Bank Of America says it will talk to Gun Makers about stopping Mass Shootings – that would mean they are monitoring Gun Sales.

Should Bank Of America and Banks such as as Bank Of America be neutral when it comes to the topic of Gun Rights & Gun Control? – Shouldn’t they be just a bank and do their job of managing the money that is stored? Why all of a sudden Bank Of America is wanting a position on controversial topics?

Insurance Rates will soon be dropping as DRIVERLESS makes its way – INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE SCARED!!!!!! – because the risk of accidents are reduced drastically

Driverless Vehicles

Every damn Mercedess Benz has Panoramic Sunroof and doesn’t have any other options for sunroof by default. – why would you pay over $145000 for a car that has Sun Light coming through the sunroof all the time? – Notice The Sunlight – what happens if you don’t want any sunlight at all because it’s a really hot day???? – Too Bad! You’re stuck with sun light penetrating.

The passenger questions that he just noticed it has a screen, and the owner is pausing to think how to justify a response.