iPhones to provide platform for B2C marketplace


iPhones must help small businesses grow


Alibaba big stuff

If you only knew what agreement I have with Cisco Systems :) – we could do business together to help small businesses grow


Silicon Valley is inspirational to Jack Ma to serve as a catalyst of resources for bigger minds and bigger visions that are the necessary elements of what it takes to lead a global initiative

iPhones helps the world with jobs and more jobs


In 1999, around the same time iPhones.com was born, Jack Ma told his employees 2 things they needed to do to be successful…

Beat Americans And Work Longer Hours.

Cheap is the most Expensive – When you are cheap in the beginning, you pay for it later!!!

Why didn’t we act on it when we had the opportunity to purchase it at a cheaper price.  Now we waited so long and now we have to pay Billions.

More problems with iPhones’ concern about smart phones having issues where the smart phone manufacturers are trying to make devices that are causing problems

Major problems taking place where there are issues of valuation drops taking place on wallstreet.

Bill Gross founder of PIMCO “Bond King” leaves company he founded to join JANUS. – sounds like he was too hot there


Intel to invest $1.5B in Chinese Chipmakers

Recent reports indicate Intel is on the right and path pursue to create their own iPhones.  Imagine when intel is able to leverage advance chip design implementations and infrastructures that have been built to reflect all the trials and errors of the existing atmosphere of smart phones (iPhones) environments.  Intel has learned and will be coming to the table with their new iPhones.

Checkout the new iPhones – Blackberry’s Passport



Louis K. hates cell phones

Black Jack one hand

Everybody is lonely

First person to buy iPhones drops it on live TV


iPhones cancelled Verizon a long time ago.


Gartner says mobile apps not able to pass security tests

More Traffic to iPhones


What if Google killed iPhones in general, meaning iPhones as in smart Phones with Internet access?

iPhones learns Gartner analyst indicates most Apps fail security tests.

Why doesn’t Amazon sell iPhones?


Amazon does indeed sell iPhones, without a doubt.

iPhones needs $2.5B minimum to move to next projects

iPhones still watching

iPhones says USPTO is an interesting group

iPhones loves organic flowers with healing properties – hint hint

iPhones loves the DMV

iPhones legacy will stay alive

iPhones will always be around to make you feel good!!!

iPhones stands for Intellectual Property to a few companies – as you may be wondering the two letters in the name are coincidentally iP!