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Why Mark Cuban doesn’t believe in Mentorship

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Do Not Take Your Smart Phones back to the store you purchased it from – Instead, Let help you repair your smart phone.

QUIT SMOKING WEED and you may in fact realize you are doing much better in life.

Will there be a day when SMOKING IS BANNED and no one will ever SMOKE A CIGARETTE again?

Do you believe that Smart Phones will be here for the next 25 years, or do you think we will be replacing them with something else, more advanced?

How often do you clean your Smart Phones from Germs accumulated? – Make sure you clean it regularly before you hand it over to someone else to view a posting, video, message, or anything you are handing the device over to them to do. – WASH YOUR HANDS!!!

Do you know any one that MakesProfit for the purposes of helping grow the company and the shareholders of the company? Ofcourse, why not – so, how do you think they keep the lights on (KTLO)?

Are you Smart? Do you Verify? You should always make sure before you engage with anyone that you are confirming that it is indeed beneficial to your situation and that it is worth the value you are desiring.

Sometimes revenues are generated using Lower Quality methods, however, if the argument that there are better higher quality methods are presented, but not secured, you cannot forgo those Lower Quality methods until you’ve secured the Higher Quality methods, or else, you will not have KTLO situations under control.

Sometimes, you have to audit your own processes and take a MAJOR BREAK from continuing it so that you can reflect and think about what you’re doing and whether you’re doing it right or it needs some adjustment since it may be wrong.

Is using Screens regularly creating an addiction since the devices are always stuck on you, and you having difficulty walking away from the devices? – What do you do if you realize you’re temptation to pickup a device is getting a bit out of control?

Given new PickupDelivery services are able to facilitate food merchants to bring food directly to you, does that help you or hurt you in the long run?

Is it feasibly possible to replace a traditional method with a new synthetic version in everything or only items that are specific to certain functioning environments?