Where are the Chinese when we need some good Kung Pao Chicken? – We need the Chinese to like us too – Chinas?

Latest News… – DO NOT CONNECT your Smart Phone to the Charger while your Head Phones are connected and on your EARS, because it is the most dangerous situation for your safety – ELECTROCUTION CAN TAKE PLACE – it already has been happening everywhere on specific Smart Phones.

Lots of discussions taking place regarding AT&T’s Fake 5G LOGO – What you need to know about FAKE SERVICES that are apparently being discussed nationwide. – Save Your Time Save Your Money, don’t buy FAKE, buy REAL.

Crypto CEO that has passwords to almost $200MILLION in BITCOIN, LITECOIN, and other CRYPTOCURRENCY, DIES, leaving the rest of his company unable to access.

People under age 16 should not be handling smart phones

Banning kids under 16 years old from using a smart phone

Many People enter illegally for a multitude if purposes, but not all of them are for jobs.

Illegal Immigration is like sand in the butt hole.

Illegal Immigration is like having egg shells in a beautiful omelette.

Trey Gowdy Grilling Executives of Smart Phone Companies regarding Tools for Hacking Smart Phones

Nancy Pelosi being asked to Resign via this video

Preview of a Government Shutdown Speech Response – Just Incase you missed it.

REMOTELY MODIFYING APPS – who’s in control of your smart phone?

Watch the full, on-camera discussion between President Trump, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer regarding VOTES, SENATE, HOUSE, GETTING IT PASSED, and the PROBLEMS or REASONS for not having enough votes, as well as including EQUITIES TO BE WEIGHED.

Watch the video, take notes and try to connect the dots. This discussion is interesting to pay attention and understand what’s going on and what the point of views are and who is making mathematical and strategic sense. You may be surprised to see who is actually making a lot of sense. You will see how strategically a person or which persons are trying to protect their position, or their bill from not being heard, not being voted on, or thrown out, which is very interesting to be aware how this negotiation takes place. (OPINION)

iPhones needs your help – Please DISABLE ALL YOUR MESSAGING AND VIDEO CONFERENCING features of your SMART PHONES until all VIRUSES are FIXED.

iPhones has a major problem – BUT TIMES IS NOW TO FIX it OR ELSE, the GAME IS OVER.