Aa Re Pritam Pyare – Rowdy Rathore Official HD Full Song Video Akshay Kumar Sonakshi Prabhudeva

If you’re young and hold in your Urine for too long, then in older age, the bladdar can cause problems controlling Urine – so the practice is to piss it out quickly as soon as possible.

Remembering when Web Laundry complained to Network Solutions back in the days about the domain name “Web.com”, saying that they believe that when people were going to Web.com, that those people were in fact looking for Web Laundry – and so they used that argument to get the domain transferred since they had the trademark for “WEB” in the goods and services of Laundry Machines – THEN….. when they got the domain, they monitored it and found at that 99.8% of the people were in fact looking for Web Sites and Domain Names and other INTERNET/WEB RELATED items, but very very few, if not, any, were actually looking for WEB LAUNDRY – So… as a result, they had to re-strategize and sold the WEB.COM domain which resulted in making billions of dollars for them

Web.com acquires GoDaddy (GDDY) in my dreams.

Woman dies from brain-eating amoeba after using neti pot

Huawei CFO was arrested while changing flights in Canada – what was the real reason given that Huawei is the LARGEST COMPANY next to SamSung?

Beautiful CFO of Huawei arrested and China is not happy about this.

Huawei CFO arrested – Chinas outraged at arrest in Canada

George HW Bush – dead at 94

Jim Rogers explains how the China trade war will be and how bad the depression will be.

Buy Online & Show Support – Get things delivered so you can contribute to the INTERNET ECONOMY.

Unfortunately, The illusion that somehow Black Friday and Cyber Monday were anticipated, with crossing fingers by retailers, that there will be an influx of consumers hurrying up, rushing to the lines, standing the night before in the cold, waiting on Sunday night, ready to go online, like they aren’t already, and look for deals that never before existed – well… – It didn’t pan out the way it was suppose to and this is a serious problem right now for ECOMMERCE – ECOMMERCE SUCKS and if you all don’t start shopping soon, AMAZON will go out of business and we will not be able to have food delivered either. They are all counting on everyone ordering online, and so if you want to see the future with these types of services being offered at your finger tips, then you have to support it, or else, it will eventually, not support you and go out of business, just like ToysRUs. – Sad Story!

Buy Online… and show support

75 year old Grandpa making Jaggery Candy – must watch process

Tekashi69 in General Population – Brooklyn Federal Holding Facility


Pastor Steven Anderson – interesting video to watch about Dave Ramsey…

Dave Ramsey not happy about MeetKevin – let’s see why – MUST WATCH VIDEO… So Much Fun to see Kevin. – Kevin is COOL!!!! – David Ramsey is… – well, you figure it out.

Happy Birthday iPhones.com – Born 20 years ago on November 18, 1998

Happy Birthday To iPhones.com