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Does everyone with a smart phone have a political life? – is it mandatory or forced upon any smart phone user to be used as an agent fir anything done using a smart phone?

The smart phone has become the center of our political lives, says CNET, child of CBS

iPhones are “Internet Connected Phones” – and NO, they do not mean a specific brand of phones – iPhones is generic and means “Phones With Internet Access” – so please understand what impact this is doing to your lives and how it is saving your lives

Read the link here to understand what CNET is talking about how Smart Phones are impacting lives.

SnapChat is leading with a new thought: When someone screenshots you, snap chat notifies you.

iPhones to initiate blocking China access to iPhones due to brute force attempted login attempts.

It’s time to live stream your situations that the world needs to see

FaceBook launches Live Streaming feature – captures the latest hot events taking place in the world, LIVE!

BlackBerry announces it is retiring its classic smartphones

Start your own registry – collect the data, and then leverage it for your customers’ benefit,

Still wondering if you have a future?

Have you asked yourself what matters most, your relationships with the world or your smartphone taking over your life?