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Unfortunately, The illusion that somehow Black Friday and Cyber Monday were anticipated, with crossing fingers by retailers, that there will be an influx of consumers hurrying up, rushing to the lines, standing the night before in the cold, waiting on Sunday night, ready to go online, like they aren’t already, and look for deals that never before existed – well… – It didn’t pan out the way it was suppose to and this is a serious problem right now for ECOMMERCE – ECOMMERCE SUCKS and if you all don’t start shopping soon, AMAZON will go out of business and we will not be able to have food delivered either. They are all counting on everyone ordering online, and so if you want to see the future with these types of services being offered at your finger tips, then you have to support it, or else, it will eventually, not support you and go out of business, just like ToysRUs. – Sad Story!

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