Do you think your TAX PAYMENTS got mis-used and abused where the Government Shutdown is pretty much the WRITING ON THE WALL as to what happened? You’ll never get the real story, but if you look at the indicators (aka: WRITING ON THE WALL), you can put 2&2 together and understand more clearer. No one will ever tell you on your face what’s really going on, because they cannot certify or guarantee for their own sake of liability protection from making a claim. Due to situations – what will actually happen to make people WAKE UP?

You cannot even count on anyone in the Government to assure you that your TAX PAYMENTS are being put to good use because the GOVERNMENT is SHUTDOWN, and while you’re working, the GOVERNMENT is still collecting TAXES from you. What the $*)$*@)G is really going on? Ask someone, Ask your neighbor, Ask your friends, Ask your Family. But Becareful, you might start a DISCUSSION that may get heated and to a level, that may create CIVIL UNREST.