What’s the difference between White Meat & Dark Meat, and why is one more healthier than the other?

Are you experiencing a change in weather that is affecting how you breathe and potentially feeling a bit sick? – What can you do to combat it before the humidity shifts your comfort level?

What’s the difference between XCT Oil & MCT Oil – and what is it?

Coffee & XCT OIL – Ever tried it?

People admire Jeff Bezos’ Ex-Wife for her nature and true person that she is. Jeff Bezos is a lucky man to have been with her for 25 years and Sanchez and Bezos want to spend time with each other – That is totally amazing. – These people are amazingly deserving all the support they can to make the world a better place for the citizens.

Motel6 Chain pays $12million Settlement for handing over Guest to ICE – What the Health?

Is this the type of privacy people expect when trying to get a fucking night’s rest at a Motel? I thought even illegal immigrants have right to go to sleep at night… – apparently… even they cannot even sleep – they have to stay on the streets instead out in the ICE cold weather. Either You Sleep on the Street in ICE weather, or you stay at a Motel 6 and get reported to ICE, which is the message being sent to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION candidates.

Warren Buffet not interested in Lyft ipo at $18-24 Billion valuation approximately.

President Clinton speaks with Elizabeth Holmes and Jack Ma (2015 CGI Annual Meeting)



Mercury Retrograde???? Is it finalized now – time to get back to business? Watch out for Contracts & Watch out for Breaking Contracts? – what’s the deal – what do you want to know?

When you eat food every day, do you wonder if it ALWAYS CONSISTS of either CHICKEN or RED MEAT? WHY?

Are digital currencies starting to serve as an alternative to traditional currency and credit cards, or will the digital currency ONLY SERVE as an easier way to transact where you will still effectively need CREDIT CARDS and CASH as ultimate end results? Essentially, this would mean that all new BITCOINS and ALTCOINS are like YOGA for CURRENCY.

Boeing indicates that new software updates are making the planes SAFER – So does that mean that the SOFTWARE was the problem and NOT THE HARDWARE?

Now that Trump announces BAN of Boeing 737 Max Flights – imagine when President Trump was pitched the idea from Boeing to build a BRAND NEW PLANE for him, would that mean BOEING would’ve build it with the same team that built the 737 Max? – Can you imagine???

Tel Aviv to install Sidewalk Protection for SMART PHONE ZOMBIES.