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FaceBook can acquire too

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The Story behind The Huawei brand

Imagine if iPhones was developed by China, Korea, Russia and had the rights transferred to them based on our agreement – amazing changes can happen in the marketplace.

Any Chinese or Korean Company can acquire if they desired and the beauty is that they would also be acquiring IP rights that are assignable as well… – in fact, anyone can acquire the rights if they wanted to if Chinese or Korean companies were not interested. There’s just one thing that needs to be negotiated… Maybe 2 things…

Huawei……….. – why waste such a good thing?

Time to Make the Switch? – why not do it and don’t say no. – Featuring Smart Phones with 5G Capabilities

Ali Baba vs. Amazon – The difference between the two BIG MONSTER and what Jack Ma explains

Entire FaceBook Corporation switches to ANDROID PLATFORM – And the reason is quite interesting – Very sad, according to the latest Report why they are switching.

其他公司有机会获得权利,但他们似乎没有意识到我们的协议有更独特的东西,将合法地稀释他们对iPhone商标的所谓排他性权利。 我们已经签署了关于iPhone商标和任何名称的思科协议,思科认为它不会阻止iPhones.com在市场上竞争,因为它们将补偿和保护iPhones.com免受任何试图阻止我们的人的侵害。

艾莉巴巴 – 我们拥有思科系统公司的知识产权 – 这是2000年以来最强大的协议,远远超过市场上的任何竞争对手。

我们拥有思科系统公司的知识产权 – 这是2000年以来最强大的协议,远远超过市场上的任何竞

中国智能手机制造商 – 我们拥有思科系统授予的知识产权 – 现在是您认真对待并理解我们协议规模的时候了。 它是真实的,有CISCO SYSTEMS的签名和iPhones.com的所有者 – 今天联系我们=