Don’t get confused by misleading news publications citing direction for iPhones when most of the media is completely unclear about what agreements actually are existing in the Smart Phone marketplace.

iPhones, a completely separate entity, may consider utilizing Qualcomm Chips and Samsung Chips for new devices that have not been introduced in the marketplace.

dangerous prisons


Jeff Bezos passed Bill Gates in overall Networth, as the Richest Individual Globally.

It’s important to go to places that attract you so you are feeling free and your spirit can live in harmony.

Sometimes, people need to make sure they do their work properly so that they are free and clear from being accused of wrongdoing.

It’s always good to get a Legal Opinion when getting a clear assessment of a situation so all analysis and due diligences are done to mitigate risk of making a wrong decision.

CVS’ interest in acquiring Aetna is such that it may not disclose the fullest reasoning as to the acquisition, but enough to be supportive for public disclosure. No company in the right state will ever over state the reasoning behind the agenda of their intentions, but only disclose just enough to satisfy the minimum requirements needed to fulfill the obligations required for disclosure.

Where you live on Planet Earth may actually influence the energy in which allows you to be driven and such that is housed within the spirit that carries your being.