Couple Dies after vomiting for hours before as a result of catching a Virus in Fiji

Postponing smartphone use for kids

Chinese Tariffs on Smart Phones of China

Will Chinese place Tariffs on Smart Phones – of course they will not because this is the bread and butter.

Difficult to Believe: An anonymous fan bid a record $4,567,888 in a charity auction to have lunch with Warren Buffett.

Why it’s a good idea NOT to buy into an IPO – ever… – In Fact there’s a serious reason why IPOs are generally unsafe until time passes by.

Will there be a War Between the United States & Iran or is it true that although there are tensions, a War is not a good idea?

Facial Recognition – What is it and why should anyone care if their face is stored in a database?

Cities that Ban Facial Recognition are probably not as huge to require, like New York or Las Vegas type environments

Las Vegas – City that Loves Facial Recognition

New York – City That Cannot Ban Facial Recognition

San Francisco – First City to BAN Facial Recognition – BANNED!!!!!!!

Uber vs Lyft – both companies drop on day of Uber IPO

How to send an email – 1984

TOBACCO, MARIJUANA, ALCOHOL – 3 items that have to be regulated to avoid abuse.

Minimum age raised to 21 years in order to purchase TOBACCO PRODUCTS at WALMART starting today – MAY 8, 2019.

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