Just a thought:

If they are trying to show they have a future, and yet they are slowing down, the only way is to create a false sense of demand legitimately, to buy more time until real customers start to consume products again, which would be represented by a true economy. But right now, there’s a deliberate problem or an accidental problem – Which is it, it has to be deliberately done or something disrupted it in a chain reaction that went out of control and now, re-starting the engines back up again takes time. That’s possibly what we’re facing. It’s also probable that a certain intention was to create a scenario, but in actuality, it create other surprise effects, which are known by the entities that were involved to cause it in the first place, but whether there occurred an understandable or acceptable circumstance, is not a choice. It is what it is, and they just may be swallowing the reality that was caused.

When you got “Money In The Bank” especially, when it is sitting on OFF-SHORE accounts that are free and clear, then those funds can be used to keep the lights on, and that luxury is afforded to only those specific companies that have planned and prepared in advance of a situation like companies are facing today, when they are now having to make adjustments to their company employees by layoffs or reduction in force “RIFs”.