July 30, 2021

Preserving Funds Offshore – the concept and how to leverage

The concept of this idea is such that because of the International & Global Trades, many different countries and geographic locations has a multitude of tax zones that are different from one another and such that any company, group, entity, that can take advantage of such infrastructure of scaling their entity to take advantage of the TAX FREE ZONES and LOWEST TAX ZONES are able to create an ELASTIC situation for their situation, just like learning ELASTICITY in ECONOMICS 101 class.  Remember, if anyone pays attention in ECONOMICS 101 , the PROFESSOR may not explain fully of the ways it is construed, but if he or she is solid, they will give hints as to how the setup would work, to literally save your life from losing and potentially, going out of business against your competitors because while you’re following OLD SCHOOL METHODOLOGIES, and your competitors are following NEW AGE METHODOLOGIES, then you’re going to be FROG SOUP while they will eat you for LUNCH.