August 2, 2021


Most of the time, when you look at WeedMaps, you will see the posting of dispensary information, menu items, and such that are details relied upon by consumers. What ends up happening is some of the dispensaries are ruining the credibility of “reliability” from an information standpoint. People get lured by seeing a strain that’s popular or such that is rare or is something in demand, and then get convinced to go to the dispensary, but upon asking for the specific strain from the bud tender girls, they end up saying that they don’t have that in stock, or it was some miscommunication or such, and now the customer has to purchase a strain that might not be in the best interest for them, and have to deal with the consequences of 50/50 chances of whether or not that strain would work for the ailment, issue, or whatever solution the customer is looking for. So, you have to do you research even further before just heading to the dispensary based on what WeedMaps indicates.