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When you got “Money In The Bank” especially, when it is sitting on OFF-SHORE accounts that are free and clear, then those funds can be used to keep the lights on, and that luxury is afforded to only those specific companies that have planned and prepared in advance of a situation like companies are facing today, when they are now having to make adjustments to their company employees by layoffs or reduction in force “RIFs”.

[NYC SUBWAY PASSENGERS EMERGENCY CONTACT] – Call these numbers and see what solutions can be achieved:

Precinct: (212) 334-0611
Community Affairs: (212) 334-0640
Crime Prevention: (212) 334-0642 –

Brian Nelsen E-mail: brian.nelsen@nypd.org
Domestic Violence Officer: (212) 334-2609 – 

Youth Coordination Officer: (212) 334-2609 – 

Auxiliary Coordinator: (212) 334-0618
Detective Squad: (212) 334-0635

Guys..Remember Back In the Days…”Coolio”… well, we have some bad news to report. He was found dead in his friend’s apartment. Latest Reports indicate this occurred today 9/28/22. RIP COOLIO – Let’s understand, what happened and what do we need to learn from COOLIO and the times he spent entertaining the followers that listened to his music. Remember, there are a lot of people in the industry that all grew up with him. Below is a video review. Let’s all think about this… – he was 59 years old.