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HAPPY BIRTHDAY iPhones.com - 25 years old and still a baby!

Nadella may have to point out where in one instance, Google is a friend where you trust, and then in another instance, where Google is the enemy because of the information you shared as a friend, resulting in the conflict of interest. However, because it is complicated and messy, the situation gets sugar coated so that everyone can just smile and move on, trusting that “Oh They Aren’t Going To Do That!” type of feeling. If most people are scared to be SAYING anything, then the problem eventually crosses into a territory that is difficult to reverse course and in doing so, requires a major audit of actions based on the code of conducts that have been violated, if any really exist!

When Nadella testifies regarding his knowledge of actions that have resulted in the Google Anti-trust Trial, he needs to tell them all the main core points that shows what Google did that has created the major problem related to the outstanding manipulations and monopolistic imbalances. It will be known what type of relationship they all have with each other and who really is the creator of all the Google Hits and who is behind the socalled schemes, if any really exist!

Just a thought:

If they are trying to show they have a future, and yet they are slowing down, the only way is to create a false sense of demand legitimately, to buy more time until real customers start to consume products again, which would be represented by a true economy. But right now, there’s a deliberate problem or an accidental problem – Which is it, it has to be deliberately done or something disrupted it in a chain reaction that went out of control and now, re-starting the engines back up again takes time. That’s possibly what we’re facing. It’s also probable that a certain intention was to create a scenario, but in actuality, it create other surprise effects, which are known by the entities that were involved to cause it in the first place, but whether there occurred an understandable or acceptable circumstance, is not a choice. It is what it is, and they just may be swallowing the reality that was caused.