Did you hear about the anecdote that is suppose to take the Covid virus and then do a little modification to it which that is what is injected in people? Did you know this and what is your initial reaction when you come to find this as a fact. Either you say that, duh, that makes sense OR WTF, really, that’s how they do it, OR Interesting, that is good to know and I now have a new data point???

The teleprompter has always been the pre-scripted messaging. Why is it being brought to attention now? It’s because it is the writing on the wall that no one has ever brought attention to this Shindig going on all this time and now, it’s high time to tell the truth who really is writing all this stuff and who’s just reading a script like a typical movie scene. It’s mostly all just a movie pre-scripted pre-agenda driven and pre rehearsed to know exactly the outcome.