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Netflix is RAISING SUBSCRIBER RATES again – IS TIME TO CANCEL NETFLIX for 1-2 MONTHS to balance out the increase? – most Visitors may agree to CANCEL NETFLIX if it’s getting out of hand…

Today, I checked my mailbox, and I received someone else’s mail, they had the same last name, but it was put in my mailbox – I didn’t realize it was not mine until I opened it and found out it was not really mine – Oh Well, I guess that’s life.

PG&E files for bankruptcy because although it collected all the INSURANCE PREMIUMS for covering properties in the event of a disaster, PG&E cannot sustain the CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES damage, and escapes lawmakers to Hawaii to avoid CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES. signed agreement with Cisco for rights to iPhone mark. received agreement from Cisco because Cisco is the trademark holder for iPhone trademark.

If Qualcomm pays $1Billion to market under the iPhone trademark, does that mean that Cisco is issuing licenses to multiple companies for iPhone marketing based on the iPhone Trademark Cisco has?

Many people think they can easily use GoFundMe for collecting donations – but little do they know, those donations get refunded as soon as it is found out that it was a scam. See below

After over 18,000 hours of practice, 73 year old Stu Robbins blasts through the world record for blindfolded free-throws!

Most consecutive basketball free throws (blindfolded) – Guinness World Records – This Guy Deserves some attention – He’s such a great person and knows how to do it. – Watch Video

Activision and Blizzard want or have already gotten a SPLIT, (aka: DIVORCE), but why?

Huawei in the news more and more. – Not looking good according to the latest Media Outlets – but why?

Judge clears way for LA TEACHERS to STRIKE MONDAY, January 14, 2019

California says, Lottery Sales are designed to fund the EDUCATIONAL SCHOOLING SYSTEM- but the LA COUNTY TEACHERS are STRIKING due to UNDERFUNDED schools. – What does this mean and who’s lying to the people that are buying those lottery tickets?

Los Angeles County Teachers to Strike on Monday January 14, 2019, after NO DEAL reached with the LOS ANGELES COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT

Essentially, students will be watching Teachers Skipping Class over their personal issues, just like when Teachers watch students skip class for their own personal issues as well. Both Teachers and Students will demonstrate that when it comes to Personal Issues, they will not hesitate when it comes to skipping class. The question is, will students […]

Imagine saying “President of the United States of America, Kamala Harris” – watch her videos in the Brett Kavanaugh testimony – More like an attorney, not a President – c’mon guys…what does Kamala Harris think? Whomever is promoting her is definitely misguiding her into thinking that somehow, there’s even 2% chance that the American People would vote for her as a President – please, can we make sense here?!?!