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Now that Trump announces BAN of Boeing 737 Max Flights – imagine when President Trump was pitched the idea from Boeing to build a BRAND NEW PLANE for him, would that mean BOEING would’ve build it with the same team that built the 737 Max? – Can you imagine???

Tel Aviv to install Sidewalk Protection for SMART PHONE ZOMBIES.

Time to hit the brakes on Digital Things?

Xiaomi foldable phones

Reports indicating SmartPhones are feeding people junk

Some warning to Germany is taking place regarding Germany using Huawei phones and the cost involved…

Northern California companies are beginning to explore Southern California due to the problems taking place in Northern California with weather, California Wildfires, and California Trash.

Do you have MOLD in your HOME? – need to check?

Hookah users inhale more toxic chemicals than cigarette smokers, new study claims

Tribute to Jan Michael Vincent – Star of AIRWOLF – dies at 73 – Remembering AirWolf…

People continue to contribute to using plastic bottles to drink, and pollute… – guess what – Mother Nature cannot handle it…. eventually… Mother will give up…..

Guess what’s the latest in the news about QUALCOMM – they are in COURT RIGHT NOW – very interesting…

It’s quite amazing, still today, people have no clue about and the history, because they are assuming something completely opposite. is here since 2000, by agreement with Cisco Systems with assignable INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY rights granted by CISCO SYSTEMS to (aka: iPhones). Still today, operates independently, but is always open to strategic […]

CEO & FOUNDER of TED BAKER, Ted Baker, resigns over complaints of “FORCED HUGGING”.


FreePancakes + = iWedding…

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In the case with Michael Cohen Volunteering all the information to Congress, where’s the ATTORNEY CLIENT PRIVILEGE protection between him and his clients? – Does this mean that Clients cannot trust attorneys any more because attorneys will break the ACP for their own benefit?

Where is the ATTORNEY CLIENT PRIVILEGE? Michael Cohen didn’t even pause to think whether or not he would be violating his client’s confidentiality agreements by agreeing to disclose any confidential data points as long as it makes the situation better for himself. – WHAT KIND OF PERSON DO YOU CALL THIS TYPE OF CHARACTER?

Latest Report – New NASA mission could find more than 1,000 planets – Anyone interested in Leaving Earth, please contact your nearest building that looks like a SpaceShip and hop on board to jump off planet earth.