Have you asked yourself, how did the world you once lived in, feeling secure and having a sense of certainty, all of a sudden, start to fade away, little by little, where every moment was gradually taken away, certain rights and responsibilities, activities, entertainment, social, and more, where you thought it was just a temporary adjustment for just a short period of time when the matters were escalating, but not this long!!! Was it political, was it known? Was it real, was it overblown, was it stamped across the board, was it accurate, was it taboo to talk about it? What is going on in everyone’s mind about it. Maybe it’s just too much to think about. Find something fun to do and not think about it… Is that what life is about? – the purpose of life is to explore and enjoy and live and celebrate making it on earth, born from the human race, being a part of the birth to a new planet. Amazing we were given life to live on Earth. Enjoy it.