broken tax codes

When taxes go down for manufacturing Corporations, there will be more increase in the US because long term retention will take effect and that way, Tax Revenue will increase at a Lower Tax Rate. This would need to happen in order to become a better country

Tariffs in China will SLOW DOWN sales drastically and will make stock prices go down big time.

Theft of Credit Card data at Chili’s Restaurants leading to Charges appearing at Chili Beans Watch Retailer, confusing the Credit Card holder and making them frozen, as to not know what exactly happened.

ZTE Corporation is a Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment and systems company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. ZTE operated in three business units: carrier networks, terminals and telecommunication.

Latest Buzz is ZTE was banned from using resources from USA and or such that due to security risks brought by Rubio Marco, Senator of Florida, was supposedly saying Trump’s reversal of allowing ZTE to continue, lifting the ban would essentially create a NATIONAL SECURITY RISK – VERIFICATION ON THIS STORY is REQUIRED FOR ACCURACY. – call 1-855-474-0637 to CONFIRM STORY

Glassdoor gets acquired by Japanese Recruit Holdings


Nestle + Starbucks = Strategic Play Date

EDM DJ Avicii dies

Ready To Eat Salad being recalled with tainted lettuce E.coli issues

Coffee Companies having to place Cancer Warnings on their coffee packages, according to Court Decision

Starbucks apologizes for Profiling accusations