The true Agenda behind Giving You Margin Trading ability

Why pay taxes on your pay check, taxes when you buy something, then State Taxes and then Federal Tax – How many Taxes do you pay and Why Why Why Why? What is going on?

While you drive down the street, you get Speeding Tickets and you thought that the taxes you paid would help cover you from paying more, but you still have to pay for it all, stuff you didn’t want in the first place. On top of paying taxes for all, you still need insurance and health insurance and you need a credit score to validate your Social Acceptance in Society using your Social Security number which will output your Credit Score where if your credit score is too high, then it means you can pay the full price because you have the credit and you pay interest on that money you borrow. You miss one payment and now your Credit Score goes down with negative marks on your Social Security report and now you have to fix it all……

Does it sound like a Rat Race?

Question Everything!!!!!!!!!!

Paying Taxes when you buy something – Isn’t that enough tax to pay?

Ask yourself: Do You Have To File A Tax Return?